Board of Directors

Our board is made up of local builders and riders who have been improving and maintaining the trails you love for years. With the support of land owners, trail stewards, captains, gnomes, and YOU - our local patrons and riders - we will make the Fort Bend trails an even better destination spot that leaves you wanting more!

We’re a group of cyclists who are passionate about mountain biking and the desire to improve and grow the Fort Bend County trail system!

Dave Burdette


Diana Vargas Le

Vice Chair

Ryan Matocha


John Procter


John Sells

Race Director

Scott Morrow

Co-Director of Trails

Dave Howell

Co-Director of Trails

Trail Captains

Scott King

Lead Captain - All Trails

Richie Rys

Lead Captain - All Trails

Dan Tabalan - Lead Captain

Malvic Hilado - Lead Captain

Richie Rhys - All Trails

Scott King - All Trails

Bruce DeBolt - All Trails

Kiri Rotha Um - Brindley & Sugar Rush

Mike Rinn - Brindley & Sugar Rush

Megan Rinn - Brindley & Sugar Rush

Johnny Granflor - Brindley & Sugar Rush

Michael Wiggin - Missing Link & Tower Loop

Melvin Villa - Missing Link & Tower Loop

Nathan Vivares - Missing Link & Tower Loop

David Orencia - Missing Link & Tower Loop

Ben Lee - Lead Captain

Nathan Mills - Coyote Run & Rabbit Run

Dave Burdette - Coyote Run & Rabbit Run

Brad Karges - Swamp Thing & Upside Down

Charles Stephens - Swamp Thing & Upside Down

Kevin Mathern - Phil's Way & Thunderbird

Don Hayter - Phil's Way & Thunderbird

Adriano Pangelinan - Bangarang & Later Gator

Kurush Aga - Bangarang & Later Gator

Daniel Antonio Monge

Arthur Houston

Bruce Hardin - Lead Captain

Tim Betzner - Mind Bender, Greezed Lightnin', & Heron Loop

Niki Hann - Mind Bender, Greezed Lightnin', & Heron Loop

Tim Warren - Mind Bender, Greezed Lightnin', & Heron Loop

James Cole - Mind Bender, Greezed Lightnin', & Heron Loop

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